Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go To Bed Hungry Says Monarch

One of the things I heard Matt Monarch say over the weekend was he really got to a point where he was excited to feel hunger. He said go to bed hungry is the biggest health tip.

Me, I was wandering to skylightmassage area and as I worked on people in the courtyard near the stage, got to overhear bits and pieces of lectures. I loved that! I'm really going to add (no, it's not "swilling" geez) pulling, PULLING to my repertoire. Elaina Joy mentioned that as one of the many beauty tips and health tips (same thing) she so generously shared with the Raw Union Festie folks.

Basically, pulling is swishing raw pure high quality oil (Elaina uses sesame) in your mouth. It pulls toxins from the body and I mean, it really sounds like it does. She says this oil quickly becomes poisonous status folks. You've really got to spit it out. I caught rumor of beautiful beautiful reputations when you do this, apparently it's very high energy, beware. :) (I know, I'm so funny).

I'm going to have to make short posts of all the gems and bits I picked up over the weekend. I can't wait to share it all with youse! xxx cindy rawprincess
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