Thursday, June 18, 2009

Energy Awareness In Nonviolent Diet As Seen In My Polarity Therapy Practice

Just romaine dandelion carrot celery cucumber and purple cabbage chopped fine and tossed in 2 T. hemp butter agave ACV sea salt.

I'm definitely recognizing the subtle vibrations and nuances of Being that seem to depend on a nonviolent diet and lifestyle in order to be noticed and enjoyed.

Dr. Stone used to ask his patients to observe a veg diet during their Polarity Therapy series so they could better feel the energy flow and heal.

Truly not a judgment here coming from a place of testing it out on myself. We vegans and raw foodies sometimes are said to smell different (edit note: my kids--not veg like it on Mommy). I also smell heavy meat-eaters and it smells, to me, like death.

Coincidentally, clients w/that meat odor are most often the ones who can't perceive energy motion through their tissues.

No dogma intended absolutely not just really ready to take a stand for spiritual and therapeutic reasons for vegetarian diet as beginning of spectrum w/raw vegan, juice feasting assisting to further raise vibration.


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