Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Ask Cohen to Forego Israel Booking

Oh. I almost forgot, this is rawprincess not Listening For Change. Well, who has time for multiple blogs anymore? :-)

Before I forget, I had a little mishap today involving pasteurized coconut ice cream. The problem was confusion, as in the wealthy state of Ridgefield, CT, (Nature's Temptations to be exact) they have raw coconut ice cream and I thought surely Portland, Oregon, would be at least if not more so sophisticated with all the thousands of raw foodies here. (But where the hell are they, are I see are beer bars and burger joints--even the gourmet digs only serve fancy burgers.)

At my hero Leonard Cohen's recent New York concert, seems he had some folks out front--pro-Palestinian and some "left-wing" Jews singing songs to him. Seems they don't think things are on the up and up there in Israel.

There's that and some other neat details in this week's Forward.

Some new concepts to rawprincess' lovely head such as an old poem supposedly written by Cohen alludes to Israel in Nazi-ish terms.

Hmm, unlikely, but with too much time on their hands you know how some online crowds can get.

My fiance once suggested we get into Buddhism which I heard as Judaism and so I've enrolled in a class, conversion is definitely a consideration of mine. Cohen says his own Buddhism and Judaism don't conflict since neither involves praying to a deity.

This calls me to question who or what I actually pray to and how will I ever stop trying on new identities like costumes because life really isn't a game and ... anyways. Who knows, maybe I really am fine.

But back to the post. Where was I.

Day 4 raw. I love Leonard Cohen's but it has to be TEN NEW SONGS hot diggity dog that's for me. That's how I ever got into him at all. Though I semi-criticized him once for being supposedly like feminist or racist or some $hit like that--well everything stems from racism, right Reader?

Anyways, tried to find the link but alas no luck. xxx

At any rate, my joy in Cohen's work is the Ten New Songs. But I'm becoming more open to his other work. I also have hope for myself after hearing he is jumping around the stage at age 74. But I'm multi-tasking just now hearing my daughter's plans for her future home complete with work-out studio, mini-trampolines. She might get a king size bed because she likes to really sprawl out.

But all I was going to say was that I guess Cohen even was quoted one day in the 80s on a private blogpost that he would play for both Palestine and Israel. So be it. In Listening-for-change speak ya gotta listen, listen, listen until ya hear something intelligent.

Daughter leaves us with this thought: "I'm going to have lots of strawberries, watermelon and all those other yummy fruits so try (dear Mommy) to stay alive as long as you can."
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