Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rev.Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith - Quotes

As I wrap up day what? Well, it's day 3 of reaching hard and day 2 of totally raw except my black coffee in the a.m.

I came across these quotes, such beautiful music with them as well.

Lowanna of gives lovely vlogs once a week and this morning she mentioned living for pleasure instead of eating for pleasure.

I had the day off and spent much of it being close to my long distance fiance. It always works so well to talk about everything. I always feel so refreshed afterward, so happy, balanced and at once calm and elated but without any sense of urgency.

I did green smoothie all day--very very green. So green it smelled like a freshly mowed lawn before I ever got it near my lips. But delicious.

It was a mono-ish day. Simple. Just banana, kale and dates. Water and a little organic chamomile tea.

I'm not on a fad, I'm on a five-year plan.

I was supposed to stumble upon this Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith today, just now. *smiles* He says, you can heal yourself.

And to be still and tap into your feeling of what you want not in the vortex of what you don't like.

One of the very first quotes was about the potency of Listening.

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