Sunday, May 17, 2009

Radical Wing of Raw Fu

Do you want slow baby steps or jump in the pool?? This is rebeccaj's question of's 90-day raw food challenge. Controversial Sunday girl (cute as all get go to boot, I assure you the uTube is easy on the eyes) challenges us all to meet the challenge. This comes at a very good time for soccer mom-moi. I'm focusing on my kids, my profession and self-care. With the self-care coming in a distinct third. And I'm ready to really focus.

"...No poo ... no paste ... no nuts ... no supplements ..." (I wish she'd said all that a little slower, I find it fascinating.) She wears no make-up, I assume the blonde locks are au naturel. Now this is my shock! I ALWAYS THOUGHT ONLY SMELLY HIPPIE FOLK DIDN'T SHAMPOO BUT LOOK AT HER BEAUTIFUL SHINY HEAD OF LOVELY HAIR! I'm telling you my theories get shot all to hell, don't they?

Rebeccaj is sooo kewl here! I'm serious. She acknowledges the rift between the 80-10-10 and the "moderate" raw food camps and says it's important to dissolve/resolve that. She implores us to not only be tolerant but to consider the natural hygiene approach.

If raw food isn't working for you, listen to this. A radical approach is not for everyone (tongue-in-cheek term) but for folks like me, with the obsession with food, I can barely put a biteful in my mouth without freaking.

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