Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orange Poppies I learned to love from Georgia O'Keefe

On the theme of living for pleasure rather than eating for pleasure, these poppies always always make me smile.

I made it dear folk. Ole Cindy made it one more day raw. I dug into my Larabars a little too deeply at one juncture in the day, lol, but hey, I've come a long way--I only ate 2 and a nibble of a third which my daughter enjoyed--and then stopped! Lo and behold!

Yes, I stopped. Long before I was full or stuffed or before I hated myself that kind of thing.

Anyway, glad it was early in the day. Walked to the store just over two miles roundtrip. Not to work off the Larabar but just because I love to walk and it does me good.

In Connecticut, in Ridgefield exactly, there's a shop called Touch of Sedona. There's a Georgia O'Keefe poppy print in there and I worked the price just right. But I wasn't able to pick it up. Now, my insides tell me (you know, those voices--you hear them, right?) that it was too pastel for me and that I really do need the orange/red poppy print.

The sweet girl there was so nice. It can be had, that print. It's right up by the front you can't miss it. Tell her the girl who distributed Natural Awakenings sent you.
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