Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kelp Noodle Nirvana

Instead of going off my 811 w/sushi I decided to have just as much fun and maybe no fallout from what I could drum up at People's Food Front Co-op.
try kelp noodles, seaweed, a small spoon of Wilderness Poet's Rumi's Sesame Pistachio Hempspread and a capful of apple cider vinegar.

Paired with GT's fancier kombucha. These days he's added the botanical product line, upping the quality. The original kombuchas he still sells and you'll be glad to know they've come down in price by about a buck.

As for the kelp noodles? I think I've found my nirvana. Yes, they're everything they're cracked up to be. And cheap.

Click at'cher left, scroll down actually--( readers only--this is cross-posted at my page where Bunny Berry can kindly oblige youse). The Raw Food World click thru.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Please do something nice for or pray for our troops past and present. Be appreciative even though, like me, you want to find nonviolent solutions. I think it's very honorable to serve anyways since this is the system we find ourselves in, in the mess that's been made, throughout the mess is love and a way out, imo. Keep the dream alive.

My fiance Pete is retired Navy and I'm very proud of him.

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