Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the Day

I'm challenged gentle reader.

In what way you might ask, should you be in listening mode.

My problem?

I blame everyone for my own actions (only if the action is messed up, otherwise, I can take credit.)

Now, at the moment, I'm on a rampage.


Only very slight rampages can compel me. Big ones simply shut me down.

There's a different biological clock that's ticking for me today. I've had my babies, that's done. Now I'm keeping them in tae kwon do lessons and fluffy pillows, bowling night and the penny arcade.

Myself? I have an organic food habit that'd make your hair stand on end. (It does mine. )

LOL. That wasn't funny, but laughter's the best medicine.

I'm at a different point in my life and I'm ready for it. I'm really energized and excited. The likes of people at white hot truth and Illuminated Mind (Danielle La Porte and Jonathan Nasman respectively) have really helped me see--through their example, they're doing it--that I can move forward and out of the "box". I can create the life I want and the world I want.

My passion is craniosacral biodynamics. It's holding sacred space for clients' system to initiate their own healing and resolution of injury, pain, shock, stress, trauma. Why? Because it's beautiful. It's like so much of nature's blossoming. Slow, vibrant, dynamic, alive, pleasurable.

I've calmed down now, gentle reader. I won't say the blaming, the tired old excuses I once used for not following my dream. It's important to get into the "feeling tone" of happiness. I dare myself to just see what happens when I simply relax and beeeeeeeeeeee.

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