Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paying for Tiramisu (ramble) and Listening

Yesterday was castor oil hot-pack day for me. Coffee enema time as well. I'm still with the headache and the RUQ pain but not as bad.

I was so nauseous and in pain that all I had was apple juice. In the evening I was feeling good enough to make it into a liver flush drink (which some people hate but I love) with garlic ginger and lemon and olive oil.

Because of Connie's suggestion I added some apple cider vinegar to the flush and it did seem to help quite a bit.

Other than one of my hot water bottles leaking all over the bed and so I had to sleep on a pile of towels lol, I slept well and just awoke refreshed but ready to do it all over again. Enema, coffee enema and then tonite I'm doing the official liver gallbladder flush with epsom salts and such. Tomorrow morning get a colonic.

I'm having some doubts as to whether I belong in the 811 discussion group at all but as long as I get at least 10 grams of fat a day the gallbladder will empty and squeeze out its contents says Andrea Moritz. That may well fit in with Dr Graham's thing.

My biggest problem seems to be overeating.

Yes, my food choices have also wavered considerably but it is the overeating because I do it with everything, that probably has hurt my health the most.

Goal? To eat an amount of both hands cupped and to wait until my stomach empties completely before eating again.

As for today, I've got a watermelon on the counter I may eat this morning after the whole enema/coffee implant routine. I'm so glad it works and I'm gradually feeling bearable and getting myself out of the gallbladder emergency. I just really really need to REMEMBER (even after I begin feeling really really well again) that sticking to my food plan isn't just a lark it's a necessity.

There's serious shit that can come down from longterm gallstones such as heart attack and much much more. It's not a game. But yet, I seem to play around as though it were. Hmm.

Today? Several clients. Tomorrow, the colonic therapy and then I get to putter and pack. It's really emotional for me to pack even though I feel nothing, I simply avoid it. I'm headed for Portland, Oregon, ahead of my fiance, to take care of my kids. While for the good, it's still big change and separation. Similarly, our son Allen had to go off to Arizona for the rest of the school year (to be with his mom) since my fiance got laid off. Also we had to take our doggies out to New Jersey but at least they are together and with good good people who will place them well. Goodbye Angel and Sleepy!

So we are all scattered for now and it is a lot. Stress usually combines with predisposed fragilities either of genetic or of habit-derived unwellnesses. In my case the gallbladder issues. Wow.

That's why I've really liked and promoted a listening exchange. Having a relaxed warm listener who encourages you to take your time and tell your story or just go ahead and have a really nice cry totally I mean TOTALLY impacts ANY health issue in a postive way in my humble experience. I mean, right now, that's why a lot of these awesome raw foods online communities are really supportive for people! Hopefully they/we get to vent ask for support and ultimately get back on track together.

Never underestimate the power of having a friend or trusted other listen attentively without interruption and with hugs and warmth as you have an incredibly releasing cry or laugh or even just get it out talking while your body knows how to release through trembling or subtle perspiring. Biologically we are made to release, cleanse and re-evaluate on the benign present.

Getting your turn to share positively impacts your health and your ability to choose better next time.

That goes for moi as well. :-)
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