Friday, March 13, 2009

A Little Different Today

I don't have nut milk bags for straining juice from my VitaMix blender and the gauzey stuff I'd been using finally was just wearing out.

To today I tried just drinking the green smoothie.

I also had a whole apple.

Other than that, oh, and went to Trader Joe's and got a green smoothie from there. (It's flash pasteurized and I don't think the fruit was entirely ripe so it didn't digest so well.)

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and almost an hour sweat in a far infrared light blanket at work.

I had some apple juice with psyllium for dinner.

I'm at my "normal" weight again of 125. I am at the best possible place to just focus on toning up.

I feel strong from the greens. I have been in food "recovery" since I began the juice feast so it really feels good to be in "abstinence". (By abstinence I mean no emo eating and no eating trigger foods.) :-)

I didn't like the smoothie today. I don't feel done as far as cleaning out my inner house. I had a great colonic yesterday and got out tons of sludge again. I was a little tired after, but remember I'm still healing from all the years of coffee and more recently a year of HydroxyCut and other so-called "energy drinks."

Anyway, I ramble.

I think it's good to take things one day at a time. I think the 80-10-10 is really calling me. Yet, I know the juice feast isn't over yet. YET, (one more yet) I don't have my nut milk bags so I'm compromised.

I guess I could place an order. By the way, Matt Monarch is doing a craazy sale in celebration of Angela Stokes returning to the states. I guess it's 17% off through March 14th or something like that. Just a tip.

Editor's Note: The 17% off sale just type in "visa" at check-out.
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