Saturday, March 14, 2009

Global Juice Feast!

I mentioned yesterday that I had an apple and some smoothie.

Today I only wanted juice.

I like that there are so many people doing this global juice feast all together. I like that the feast is well thought-out. It encourages a high level of nutritional intake. Density rich juices, freshly pressed and in quantity. Supplements are utilized to assist a safe detox process.

The length of time is helping my small intestines detox and I imagine what a rest my internal organs are getting.

I had an experience today which I briefly Twittered about where at first I had a sense of anxiety and my old behavior would have been to interpret that feeling as "I need to eat. I need to go to the store, there's nothing to eat. I won't feel better unless I have something to munch on."

I noticed the feeling. I noticed the urges. And I also noticed I was tired. So I went an laid down and rested. During that time I practiced a sort of "practitioner fulcrum" meditation which I learned in depth at Colorado School of Energy Studies during my biodynamic craniosacral practitioner training.

To explain what I experienced today while lying and resting seems daunting at least in any coherent way. As I lay and noticed the weight of my body on the table, I noticed briefly a sense of being shattered halfway through my body. The upper and lower halves of my body seemed fragmented, not connected. Then there was a gentle sort of wave like sensation and my diaphragm area seemed to sink deeper into the table and ease itself into connection from the bottom half to the top. Sort of like smearing watercolors together on a palette.

Then there was a wavey sort of slow spinning motion from my mid-back sort of through my abdomen but centrally focused seeming from my spine. It was shifting in some pleasant way and then settled nicely, smoothing out and I drifted off to sleep as though on a raft in a tropical bay.

When I got up I puttered around the dayspa where I work a bit and then did some core strengthening and stretching exercises called Callanetics. I was surprised how effortless they seemed.

For snacks I had bee pollen.

That afternoon, (today) I went over to Karma Road in New Paltz and had a large fresh green juice made with kale, celery, parsley, collards and cucumber. It seemed to be absorbed every drop by my body.

I went home and cooked an organic beef-tortilla casserole for my family and made myself a fresh squeezed orange juice I am calling the rawprincess orange julius!

It was so delicious!

I'm going to get a good night's sleep so I can be fresh for the Body Pump class and the Hatha Yoga class tomorrow with my fiance. We both have the day off tomorrow. (More on that later.)
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