Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Freedom, For Now ...

I am on day 10 of juices and it has really helped free me from the wheel of overeating, for now.

I have gotten out tons of sludge from my colon and lost over 5 lbs of bloat. My eyes are sparkling and I'm so relieved!

Can't afford a gallon of green juice a day but have been making sure to get at least 16 ounces of really intense freshest of fresh green juice. (For anyone new this isn't 80-10-10 but everyone is welcome here and this is where I belong.)

I know that when I resume eating I will have to face probably all of the same issues as I did before but for now it is just really really nice to not worry about that and not be too full and not spend all my time eating or wondering what to eat or being mad at myself for eating too much or for choosing inappropriate foods.

Just for today this feels exactly like what I needed and for that I am grateful.
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