Sunday, February 8, 2009

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cindy said:
ok my issue is if I feel "fat" for too many days, I get "on task" mode and want to do whatever it takes to slim up. I get creative and want back the caffeine etc.

Well, last nite yes I did the sushi.

and today I did beet salad and green salad and some espresso after lunch and chocolate.
with that said,

i made it off the daily coffee addiction wagon. a little espresso doesn't mean I'm back on it. I started my day with herb tea as usual. and i finished my day with NOT 80-10-10 but lightly steamed veggies with olive oil and nama shoyu and nutritional yeast, cayenne dulse. It really felt good.

I'll tell you the problem. Maybe I should find out if Dr Graham has a forum maybe I can get some help from him too.

the problem is constant flatulence with little teeny tiney turds every 15-20 minutes ALL DAY!

YES, my energy and emotional levels have been the best ever over the past two weeks or so I've been mostly on 811. YES, but the worst two things I've got sick of was flabby-ness and pooping teensy bits constantly.

I even got over enough of my sludge and depression that I exercised at a better level (still not as hard as this summere on hydroxy cuts) ... (but i do think I can work back up to that without caffeine!! I'm willing to keep trying, I'm just saying.)


(okay sorry for the drama :-))

Okay I don't have to be at 120 (caution: more drama) BUT I HAVE TO TONE MY THIGHS JUST A LITTLE MORE (lol)

There you have it in a nutshell. I want to be of service, want to save the world but heck, my ass has to be toned doin' it.

To clarify: I plan to start my day with the "oatmeal" (apple banana celer recipe I love--no dates yuck right now).

I plan to. But I'm on the verge of getting a fat-burning aid. I just feel too fat! No I'm not disordered. Just normal.

I was eating HUGE quantities. I'm going to actually do a spiritual challenge for 90-days which I think will help me stop obsessing on food and I can just do the 811 without eating such huge quantities. I think that will work. It's a daily spiritual meeting I'm going to go to. I think the overeating is more a spiritual thirst and hunger than an actual hunger for food.

So I only mentioned the veggies tonite because they helped me stop eating sushi and chocolate. It was a matter of eating the least junkie thing I could bear to eat. So, yes they were lightly cooked and with olive oil but it helped me get over the hump having gone off the wagon. Now I'm back. And it's 811 with my spiritual fellowship daily for 90 days.

If I workout daily it should work. *crosses fingers* :-)

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