Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Truth About my Raw Foods Weight Gain

I stopped taking Hydroxy Cuts and stopped drinking coffee.

I've put on a few pounds since then but so far, have been determined to find balance without these stimulants. Then I want the stimulants and to feel "better" but still haven't acted on it.

This all came about when I began the Holiday challenge on November 15, 2008.

I am about ready to begin Fucothin again. I justify that since it's concentrated seaweed stuff and has no caffeine. But it's not 80-10-10 compatible.

But I haven't been as strict for a couple of days now. I was taken to a day spa all day yesterday and out to dinner and though I ordered salad I "condiments" extras.

Another truth? I miss my children a lot. That's another story but I will see them for a long weekend in 12 days.

The economy is stressful. That's so true. A lot of families have lost jobs. My fiancee didn't lose his job but was moved to nights. That has turned our schedules upside down. While we are both very grateful to have his job which turns out to pay more at night, it is true that we still have adjusting to do which isn't always easy.

I'm depressed and can barely make myself exercise and eat right today.

I began the spiritual meeting program and it has added resource to my life. I even really felt the difference as of today earlier. I got one of those mean-spirited or just plain careless emails from my ex, my childrens' father and that on top of missing them right now, I am exhausted.

Next? Bubble bath!! :-)

How is everybody else?

My plan? One day at a time. Do footwork on fiance's job so that maybe doors will open up to us in the west.That would be great. Meanwhile, do the best I can.

So, yes, I gained about 7 pounds by stopping the fucothin, hydroxycut and coffee. A combination of less "energy" to exercise (get up and go) plus bigger appetite and slower metabolism I guess.

I'm hoping to find my own internal metabolism balance if I just hang in there and wait. Next Thursday my fiance and I are going in for a series of weekly colonics. It hope to find some willpower to do my fiber and eat lightly such as the 80-10-10 up until Thursday. Maybe a detox will help boost my mood and motivation.

Seeing my little girl sure will. That reminds me. Tonight we both told each other on the phone that we are going to jog tomorrow and will check in in the evening and report about our jogs. :-)
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