Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Juice Feast Idea to Cure Food Addiction

Hi everyone, I feel like I'm on another planet!

I'm about to visit my mom and all three of my kids in California PLUS my nephew and both my sisters will be there. I'm soo excited!

I'm struggling with sticking to any program right now (again waah) and I don't know if I ever found it worth mentioning, I am compulsive about food. Some might call it a disorder, though I've never gone for the pathology-based focus but prefer to focus on wellness and holistic alternative healing, I will say that I DO struggle to stick with my food plans and to not impulsively/compulsively eat!

I'm looking into doing a Juice Feast (90 days starting March 1) with a paid coach from for just those very reasons. I have found that as long as I'm putting no fiber in but lots of nutrient-dense juices IN, I get a reprieve from the cravings and acting out with food. Yes eating and overeating does numb. And I will say it is a painful struggle inside. I really would like to put this behind me and not spend my entire life in its clutches.

And yes I am taking a comprehensive approach to body mind soul and healing from root causes and such. So, I have a vitamix, all I would need are nutmilk strainer bags and lots of produce each day.

Anyone relate or have a better idea? *grins*
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