Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Dr Graham Is An Effing Genius!"

I had delicious and refreshing banana milk this a.m. That means cold water with 3 bananas blend and enjoy.

Just after that I made a smoothie of fresh orange juice, lots of organic romaine leaves, a handful of deglet noor dates and a few very ripe bananas. Blend and enjoy! MMM very very tasty and refreshing and energizing and mood enhancing! :-) Weeeeh!

Quoted from rebeccaj on Rawfu.com's 80-10-10 group. (Go to main rawfu.com page and click on groups, then on 80-10-10 and it's the February discussion.)

1. dr doug graham is an effing genius, and one of the only real
truth-tellers that i have come across in the world of nutrition and

2. a nibble, a bite, a taste, a sample - that's all it takes. for the
drunk, it's the first drink, and for me, it's the first bite. i simply
cannot afford anything that's not 80-10-10.

3. the happiest, healthiest, most beautiful, leanest, strongest, most
flexible i have ever been was after 2 months of 80-10-10, last
september. i'm heading there again, only this time, even better.

You can use the February discussion to post your daily meal intake to the group and support each other in the progress you make.

There are several very experienced 80-10-10ers there who I have learned so much from watching. They stick to it and have long term. It's a very simple food program or way of eating to follow.

When I see Sarah's menu for the day I breathe a sigh of relief. It's so rational, simple and not emotion-based. It looks like this:

B: banana milk
L: green smoothie
S: fruit
D: durian pudding

That's it! (I've paraphrased).

Ashley is a teen rock climber extraordinaire and very wise! She lives on lots of bananas. Watch her daily menu journal and her blog and like me, you'll learn there is a simpler way to eat and be totally athletic! :-)
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