Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 41 rawfu.com 100-day raw foods challenge

I am happy to announce though that today I stayed all fruit except for some sprouts. AND ( a very big and) I did not gorge myself. Wow.

Yes, I still feel fat but not as bad. I'm kind of hopeful even. Plugged up, but hopeful. LOL.

B: 2 bananas and 5 dates, green tea

L: 3 bananas 5 dates

Snack: 1 cup of sprouts mix--lentil mung adzuki with 6 or 7 dates and one banana.

Dinner: 1 and a half medium papayas, chunked and lime juice on top.

Did yoga and deep breathing while lying on my wooden footsie roller thing all along the spine in sore spots and it felt so incredibly divine. Also stand on the footsie roller and stretch out and stuff. Really feels good, energizing and almost better than a real massage!

BTW: this is day 2 of my own personal 90-day spiritual challenge. I challenged myself last night. I went to a local womens' meeting, we study a spiritual-type book and discuss it's relevance to our experience and life and support each other. There are quite a few meetings around here which I intend to fully explore over the next 90 days. Point being that my hunch is a lot of this food preoccupation with me is more a spiritual hunger not about food at all.

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