Friday, February 6, 2009

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I'm noticing a lighter sensation around my liver/gallbladder region. I'm noticing lighter sensation in my digestion.

I forgot to mention on my personal blog that yesterday I had a bit of trail mix at the office. It was toasted. It caused me to get a bad GB (gallbladder) headache all along my meridian.

So the same thing came up today at work again there was the bag of trail mix and I had a little less this time. Now I'm sipping blended banana hours later.

B: half a large papaya chunked with cup of blueberries and 1 banana sliced with SAUCE (this is huge portion btw) the sauce had 2 bananas another cup of blueberries and 8dates. I ate the whole thing!!

I did at least 20 minutes on the elliptical andlast night did about an hour. Plus weightlifting and floor exercises.

I am at 128.0 and that's about 5 pounds more than I want to be I guess but I look really thin to everybody else. Just working on toning my thighs up and keeping my happy hormones/neurotransmitters humming.

Lunch: banana and 2oz. raw almonds (not sprouted)

snack: a couple handfuls of trailmix at office

Dinner: banana smoothie.

I guess I feel okay. I almost went for sushi today, I almost went for it yesterday but didn't. If I do have sushi I'm going to try and have whole brown rice and bring my own nama shoyu into the restaurant.

I guess what I want to say is that I seem to stuff myself all the time and this is the first time in a very long time I haven't bombarded my system with fats and excitotoxins. It is giving my liver a rest. As far as the eating. Even though I had that trail mix which was off it, I still had a better day today because other than having an unusuallylarge breakfast, I ate smaller portions and was satisfied all the rest of the day plus I didn't eat all the way home inthe car. Last night I was shoving dates and bananas down my hatch all the way home from work. Plus the dates aren't that high quality. They are trader joes. They were perfect to start out with but now I'm starting to not want them anymore.

My skin is looking softer, I have more energy. I seem to have more organizational ability and clearer thinking. Even though I wouldn't consider myself a confused person or anything, I do notice greater clarity and ability to take action and get things done around the house whereas the old me always felt as though everything was difficult and things felt very cumbersome. Now things feel easier and not so overwhelming.

I'm sure that's the liver getting some breathing room and ability to actually detox and rest from daily bombardment.

My craps are teeny though and I feel a little plugged up.

Nite nite all! :-)

Ashley said:
Cindy, you had a great "Yesterday"

you are doing so well with this! How do you feel? More energy?

cindy said:
papaya brekky
papaya lunch
apple, banana, date "oatmeal' dinner
1/2 c. kale banana blueberry smoothie, snack

(hot tea of course as well).


Brekky: papaya with blueberry, banana date sauce.
green tea

off to work!

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