Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Art Give-Away For First Ten Followers

Okay. I've had it.

I'm not in this blog to make money. I'm in it to support my health.


And to do that takes other people.

Real human beings.

And there are a lot of caring human beings trying to stay healthy as I am trying to do.

The first ten of you who click on "follow this blog" and leave me a comment will receive a beautiful print made by Helen Newman. I have about ten of them on consignment from her and I will buy them and pay for them myself and send you a beautiful card suitable for framing, postage free.

Here are her prints which I have in stock.

If you follow this blog and are among the first ten. You will receive this card and end up with a possibly friend-for-life. Just think we can get healthy together and do the before and after deal or something.

With me, it's not that I'm overweight. I'm just stressed, a bit frail and wiped out looking. I need to eat right and detox and nourish, rest and work out and spend less time on the internet. By signing up you let me relax a little.

How may I help *you*? Because you rock. You deserve health. You deserve to have a community of people around you who are working for better energy and wanting to better the world beginning with their families and neighbors, country and planet.

This planet *must* also somehow impact the enire universe in ways we have yet to fully comprehend. The butterfly wing affect, the ripple affect whatever you want to call it. As we connect and support one another, surely it will spread to benefitting more folks than we know.

So click "follow" now LOL.

Editors Note: Duh, it's okay to wanna make money though. Thus the affiliate badges to thy right.
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