Sunday, February 15, 2009



Our very first problem is to accept our present
circumstances as they are, ourselves as we are, and the
people about us as they are. This is to adopt a
realistic humility without which no genuine advance can
even begin. Again and again, we shall need to return to
that unflattering point of departure. This is an
exercise in acceptance that we can profitably practice
every day of our lives. Provided we strenuously avoid
turning these realistic surveys of the facts of life
into unrealistic alibis for apathy or defeatism, they
can be the sure foundation upon which increased emotional
health and therefore spiritual progress can be built.

I'm accepting that I'm more lethargic, depressed and "hungry" (read stuffing myself) without the coffee and the hydroxy cuts. I miss my children but am where I'm supposed to be right now.

I can sweep the floor and scrub the refrigerator. I can go to bed on time, can't I?

Three things I'm grateful for:

My fiance who loves me very very much and shows it all day long.
My children including my fiance's sons who are very sweet and lovable.
My sisters, mom and nephew.
My dad, that maybe just maybe by drinking himself to an early death, I don't have to. Thanks dad I love you!
My health and able-bodiedness.
Fresh air and sunshine.
A table full of ripe bananas and papayas. Blueberries in the freezer.

That's way more than 3!

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