Sunday, January 4, 2009

Helen Newman Reads From Work in NYC

Saturday December 27, 2008, KGB bar, East Village, Helen wows us with her gutsy adventures and zen of selling "underground art". See her live journal Escape from Zendik.

Incidentally, helenshandmade.etsy is worth a gander as well.

From Helen Newman

the Authoress

And yes, there is a raw angle.

Besides Helen's incredible level of glow and fitness--yes, her skin is creamy smooth and her, um, backside is very toned. She's carting deliveries on a bicycle powered carriage around New York city these days plus she's in love so you can imagine how gorgeous she was on her birthday night and reading from her work--surrounded by family and admiring friends plus The One. (He's downright cute and intellectual/cutting-edge looking too).

But this is the howler:

Would you believe that both Helen and I who haven't seen each other in well over a year, met up at Grand Central Station for the walk to KGB bar both brought cacao truffles to share with the other? Yes, homemade raw cacao no less!!

Her book will be a must-read and, imnmo, is a tale of the human spirit seeking to set things right and that goodness exploited. The "selling trips" being a Zendik required were more grueling as the years went by. ... As Helen's experience and gripping reading details. (Back in the 70s when I sold it was comparatively a piece of pie.)

She should be finished this summer, says Newman.

Also present at the reading were the Jilted Brides (in a reverse birthday gesture I received a copy of their Jilted Brides CD purchased by Helen) and the sexy, eloquent, if not slightly world-weary Carla Smith, director of Woodstock's own Byrdcliffe--an artist's in residence center (I envisioned myself there writing sometime soon) The readers had met at Byrdcliffe AIR stay. PS the deadline for apps is end of Feb, hon.

Editor's correction: it was Katherine Burger of Byrdcliffe, not Carla Smith,(Carla Smith was not present) who read her poem of meeting the one-armed man on the bus ...
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