Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Defense Against The First Bite and Our President's Call For Action

They say in recovery from alcohol addiction that complete abstinence is key.

Also that one has no real defense against the first drink. Based on a concept called stinkin' thinkin', no matter how much trouble alcohol has caused a person or pain it has caused their family, the pull to take that first drink can be completely justified in a strange twisted impulsive moment.

After that? Who knows where that first drink may lead. Jails, institution, death?

Gruesome, I know, but true nonetheless.

Why do I bring this up on Rawprincess954? (And crossposted to Raw Fu.)

I was reminded of that recovery theory this morning when I woke up not with an alcohol but a Food Hangover.

Yes, and it was much like I've heard it said about the bad alcohol moment for one who has a tragic history with the stuff yet had for a time been on the wagon.

I was feeling and looking fantastic on light foods, detox teas and mild exercise.

Then suddenly, I reached for the family's celebrant cheesecake. Hmm. What would have I been thinking?

It seems I had no real defense agains the first bite. I didn't see it coming. If you had told me an hour before that I would eat cheesecake that day I would have laughed, clueless.

But there I went. Adding this thick, rich, creamy, sweet, GLUEY substance which would sit in my body's "machinery" and plug it up, puff me up, and hit all my depression receptors.

Now it's morning.

What is a defense against the first bite?

I don't know why it works, I only know it does. Prayer. Going to meetings and getting a sponsor.
There is a 12-step group, I've never even tried (though I am 17-plus years in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction AND have used some of the principals to eat for life, not live to eat) but I do know of a woman who goes to a meeting and is very strict.

I've avoided calling her because I hear they weigh out their food every morning and have a list of what one is allowed to eat from. I'm not sure a raw food program would fit nor a juice feast or liver flush protocol. But it's worth a phone call.

I don't know why it works. I only know it does. Turning my menu over to my Higher Power today. Admitting I am powerless over the first bite! Asking that the obsession to overeat or to eat cooked food would be removed from me today in prayer.

Turning my will and my life over to the care of my Higher Power.

Again, it just works. Using the phone to call someone else and ask them how they feel. I might then, admit that I am calling for support so that my food choices are for the betterment of my health and well-being NOT for entertainment.

In the wake of our new president taking office and the passionate call for us all to be of service to each other and our country, we are each called to take care of our bodies so that we can work diligently for the new world, the new age that is ready to be born by our hands.

Just calling someone is a powerful psychic action. It is a first step because in this call you are admitting you have a problem. Next, it ends the isolation that every addiction needs in order to live you. (You don't live, IT lives you.)
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