Wednesday, January 7, 2009

crossposted on 80-10-10 and 100% raw of Raw Fu Andre's Revenge

wow, I'm alllllmost at 100% raw. enough so to create a drastic emotional detox today!
Yikes, I didn't see that coming.

I mean, the second day allllmosst raw I really cried buckets of tears.


I'm so pleased because I'm also very close to being 80-1010. I rejoined that group yesterday when I realized it's a great thread and a great goal.

I have my coconut oil inthe cupboard should I really get desperate.

juice of fresh minneolas (about 10oz.)
I did btw workon a bottle of a.j. which isn't raw. but I find this minute at this point and not disruptive of the transition period which is almost complete.

one red grapefruit

almonds and dates

(these are all separate sittings)

smoothie of blueberry banana sprouted raw protein pwdr and raw maca pwdr. a little agave.


psyche: I had a HALF a cup of black coffee. Probably more like a QUARTER of a cup early in the morning after the tangerine juice digested. :-) See? I'm almost off the coffee.

Luckily the only aftermath of the emotional meltdown aka emotional detox was a cracked plastic wastebasket (much improvement in my old age over previous years tossing of objects down stairwells I must be mellowing.) and the fact that my teenage son came out of his room and cleaned the house top to bottom afterward. remind me to blow a gasket more often.
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