Friday, January 30, 2009

Active Anti-Aging - Hippocrates Health Institute

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cindy Gets EFT on BlogTalkRadio! (I'm a caller and get therapy dude!)

You can tap along with this show to change old patterns. It doesn't have to be same issue!

After following Andrea Tannouri's I came across this BlogTalkRadio show a moment before it began! Oops, I misunderstood instructions and dialed in with my phone. I ended up being the "client" for EFT tapping on breaking some old patterns. My goal: support my efforts with Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle!

Quite the synchronicity based on my lack of vlog experience.

Thank you Andrea and Annie! *blows kiss*

This was EFT for Healthy Relationships with Annie Lawrence, author of Love’s Secret Live Your Life In Love. Annie is a Spiritual Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

She shared tools and tips to leave past hurt and trauma behind and choose love. Everyone has old beliefs and conditioning from their childhood that usually doesn't support a loving relationship. EFT can help you to stop fighting and choose love. Fighting with your mate can create a toxic environment for your child and family.

Love Secrets to keep you focused on love.

Andrea is such a real person, she even gets the EFT therapizing too on this show. Make sure to go to and add her as friend!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

day 23

Cindy reviews raw pizza chips, gives massaged kale technique, shows off pink robe and mentions the White House needs an organic garden puh-lease! (Click to sign petition.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Andre's Revenge - Day 22

Thank you Rubyvrom of!

Her message, "You are loved no matter how raw or how cooked you were today."

If you had a rough day: Dust yourself off and get back on the pony. :-)

12-Steps to Raw Foods

hat tip to Jim Carey of

In dealing with addictions the transitional period is longer. Yes, cooked foods are an addiction. Thus, we need to deal with them as such.

Victoria Boutenko has a good book on this subject - 12 Steps to Raw Foods. Her website is and the book is on, too. Her book covers the subject in detail, but here are her 12 Steps to Raw Food:

Step 1 - I admit that I have lost control of my addiction to cooked
food and my eating is becoming unmanageable.

Step 2 - I believe that live vegan food is the most natural diet for a
human being.

Step 3 - I shall gain necessary skills, learn basic raw recipes and
obtain equipment to prepare live food.

Step 4 - I shall live in harmony with people who eat cooked food.

Step 5 - I shall stay away from temptations.

Step 6 - I shall create a support group.

Step 7 - I shall find alternative activities or hobbies.

Step 8 - I shall let my higher self lead my life.

Step 9 - I shall make a searching and fearless inventory of the real
reasons for seeking comfort and pleasure from cooked

Step 10 - I shall let my intuition help me.

Step 11 - Through clarity I will gain happiness.

Step 12 - I shall provide support to other raw fooders.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Defense Against The First Bite and Our President's Call For Action

They say in recovery from alcohol addiction that complete abstinence is key.

Also that one has no real defense against the first drink. Based on a concept called stinkin' thinkin', no matter how much trouble alcohol has caused a person or pain it has caused their family, the pull to take that first drink can be completely justified in a strange twisted impulsive moment.

After that? Who knows where that first drink may lead. Jails, institution, death?

Gruesome, I know, but true nonetheless.

Why do I bring this up on Rawprincess954? (And crossposted to Raw Fu.)

I was reminded of that recovery theory this morning when I woke up not with an alcohol but a Food Hangover.

Yes, and it was much like I've heard it said about the bad alcohol moment for one who has a tragic history with the stuff yet had for a time been on the wagon.

I was feeling and looking fantastic on light foods, detox teas and mild exercise.

Then suddenly, I reached for the family's celebrant cheesecake. Hmm. What would have I been thinking?

It seems I had no real defense agains the first bite. I didn't see it coming. If you had told me an hour before that I would eat cheesecake that day I would have laughed, clueless.

But there I went. Adding this thick, rich, creamy, sweet, GLUEY substance which would sit in my body's "machinery" and plug it up, puff me up, and hit all my depression receptors.

Now it's morning.

What is a defense against the first bite?

I don't know why it works, I only know it does. Prayer. Going to meetings and getting a sponsor.
There is a 12-step group, I've never even tried (though I am 17-plus years in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction AND have used some of the principals to eat for life, not live to eat) but I do know of a woman who goes to a meeting and is very strict.

I've avoided calling her because I hear they weigh out their food every morning and have a list of what one is allowed to eat from. I'm not sure a raw food program would fit nor a juice feast or liver flush protocol. But it's worth a phone call.

I don't know why it works. I only know it does. Turning my menu over to my Higher Power today. Admitting I am powerless over the first bite! Asking that the obsession to overeat or to eat cooked food would be removed from me today in prayer.

Turning my will and my life over to the care of my Higher Power.

Again, it just works. Using the phone to call someone else and ask them how they feel. I might then, admit that I am calling for support so that my food choices are for the betterment of my health and well-being NOT for entertainment.

In the wake of our new president taking office and the passionate call for us all to be of service to each other and our country, we are each called to take care of our bodies so that we can work diligently for the new world, the new age that is ready to be born by our hands.

Just calling someone is a powerful psychic action. It is a first step because in this call you are admitting you have a problem. Next, it ends the isolation that every addiction needs in order to live you. (You don't live, IT lives you.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!

Michelle Obama has asked us to be part of national service day today. These service events have been very well-attended. As a nation, we are reaching out more than ever before, to support each other. I've shared some thoughts on Martin luther King, Jr day and tomorrow's inauguration here at my Listening For Change blogsite.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calling All Wanna Be Surrendered Wives

Has your husband been properly fed and cared for today? Join me in poise, glow and serenity as we become the surrendered wives we were born to be! Not married? No problem.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Helicopter Rescue

My cousin Peter is doing this helicoptor CHP rescue. My aunt Nancy said, "Pete got to use the moves they spent a couple of days practicing up on Lake Barryessa. In between the glamor moments, he says there's lots of hours of routine and boredom. It must feel good to get some recognition for what he does, occasionally, though."

You rock Pete!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reversing Diabetes Naturally: new trailer

See Simply Raw in for a list of screenings near you or to host a screening or purchase the DVD. (I'm not yet an affiliate but needed to post this for friends.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

crossposted on 80-10-10 and 100% raw of Raw Fu Andre's Revenge

wow, I'm alllllmost at 100% raw. enough so to create a drastic emotional detox today!
Yikes, I didn't see that coming.

I mean, the second day allllmosst raw I really cried buckets of tears.


I'm so pleased because I'm also very close to being 80-1010. I rejoined that group yesterday when I realized it's a great thread and a great goal.

I have my coconut oil inthe cupboard should I really get desperate.

juice of fresh minneolas (about 10oz.)
I did btw workon a bottle of a.j. which isn't raw. but I find this minute at this point and not disruptive of the transition period which is almost complete.

one red grapefruit

almonds and dates

(these are all separate sittings)

smoothie of blueberry banana sprouted raw protein pwdr and raw maca pwdr. a little agave.


psyche: I had a HALF a cup of black coffee. Probably more like a QUARTER of a cup early in the morning after the tangerine juice digested. :-) See? I'm almost off the coffee.

Luckily the only aftermath of the emotional meltdown aka emotional detox was a cracked plastic wastebasket (much improvement in my old age over previous years tossing of objects down stairwells I must be mellowing.) and the fact that my teenage son came out of his room and cleaned the house top to bottom afterward. remind me to blow a gasket more often.
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day 7

Emotional meltdown time.

I really lost it. I haven't cried that hard in ages. It did remind me of the time about 15 years ago, no 17 that I first tried to quit smoking. I couldn't stop crying.

I see that the raw foods although in combination with some fairly current life stressors, are doing their good detoxing thing though by opening me up emotionally and allowing this bucket of tension cry its way out.

I admit I lost it and threw a waste basket down the stairs.

That's an improvement over the years of things I've thrown down stairs so I'm good.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Helen Newman Reads From Work in NYC

Saturday December 27, 2008, KGB bar, East Village, Helen wows us with her gutsy adventures and zen of selling "underground art". See her live journal Escape from Zendik.

Incidentally, helenshandmade.etsy is worth a gander as well.

From Helen Newman

the Authoress

And yes, there is a raw angle.

Besides Helen's incredible level of glow and fitness--yes, her skin is creamy smooth and her, um, backside is very toned. She's carting deliveries on a bicycle powered carriage around New York city these days plus she's in love so you can imagine how gorgeous she was on her birthday night and reading from her work--surrounded by family and admiring friends plus The One. (He's downright cute and intellectual/cutting-edge looking too).

But this is the howler:

Would you believe that both Helen and I who haven't seen each other in well over a year, met up at Grand Central Station for the walk to KGB bar both brought cacao truffles to share with the other? Yes, homemade raw cacao no less!!

Her book will be a must-read and, imnmo, is a tale of the human spirit seeking to set things right and that goodness exploited. The "selling trips" being a Zendik required were more grueling as the years went by. ... As Helen's experience and gripping reading details. (Back in the 70s when I sold it was comparatively a piece of pie.)

She should be finished this summer, says Newman.

Also present at the reading were the Jilted Brides (in a reverse birthday gesture I received a copy of their Jilted Brides CD purchased by Helen) and the sexy, eloquent, if not slightly world-weary Carla Smith, director of Woodstock's own Byrdcliffe--an artist's in residence center (I envisioned myself there writing sometime soon) The readers had met at Byrdcliffe AIR stay. PS the deadline for apps is end of Feb, hon.

Editor's correction: it was Katherine Burger of Byrdcliffe, not Carla Smith,(Carla Smith was not present) who read her poem of meeting the one-armed man on the bus ...

Profile Questions 100-Day Raw Food Challenge

Raw Fu: Why Do You Want to Join Raw Fu?

Rawprincess: I want to get back to raw and do the 100 day challenge.

I'm concerned about elitism and how to end racism and classism. I'm concerned that those who want to juice feast of go raw may not have resources available to them to do so.

This wrong needs to be righted and I hope to be a part of righting that.

I put down I'm an "Old Pro" when it comes to being raw, simply because I do have so much history with it and know how to prepare foods. I've also had periods of years where I was all raw.

But, that has been a while ago. I've always eaten big salads and made vegan dressings. I've often made smoothies as breakfast. I've often stopped eating at dusk to give my system brief fasts and used water as a healing power on an empty stomach.

But (again, but) I still haven't alkalinized my system completely. I still--despite whole series of deep colon cleanses a la Bernard Jensen protocols--still have toxic pockets in my colon and my liver and gallbladder are riddled with gravel and stones. This causes me emotional imbalance and pain and gets in the way of the optimal health I realize I can enjoy.

With groups like Raw Fu springing up online, and more and more folks documenting their struggle/victory with eating raw, juice feasting, etc, I have more support than ever and the health I want is within my reach.

I don't have to find a retreat center to run to, hide to, drop out of my life or something inorder to detox and get healthy.

I'm closer than I realize probably because of all the foundation I've already laid through series of gallbladder flushes, parasite herbal cleanses, colonics and colon cleanses, juice fasting, Master cleanse, salad only protocols etc etc. Plus I work out regularly.

BUT :-) I do want to keep improving my level of physical fitness! And I DO want to keep evolving in my personal food choices.

I'm concerned about elitism and how to end racism and classism. I'm concerned that those who want to juice feast of go raw may not have resources available to them to do so.

This wrong needs to be righted and I hope to be a part of righting that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rene Oswald --Juicing, The Easy Way with a Vita-Mix

Thank you Rene! Rawprincess sometimes forgets there's soo much she can learn.

If you don't have a juicer but want to join in the juice feast (Global Juice Feast begins today) you can always use your Vitamix --I've got them available here.

I don't sell Vitamix but it helps me out if you buy them through my website and you get free shipping too.

Anyway, my current juicer is a bit loud and I think oxidizes my juice and I don't even have a Vitamix yet. But at least now I know if I had one purchase I could make it would be Vitamix. I can do the green smoothie challenge and the Juice Feast Challenges with it!

I came across Rene at Alive Raw, a ning site.

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