Saturday, December 20, 2008

woody harrelson on raw food, activism and barack

hat tip to penni of Real Food Tulsa

From Esquire interview:

The whole concept of the raw-food thing is, any food you heat over 118 degrees, you kill all the enzymes and most of the nutritional value of the food. The enzymes are as much or more important than the various nutritional things that are always getting all the good PR. But to eat only raw food, you've got to love a salad. You've got to just love a salad.

Here you go, try this. Ice cream. Mint chip. Good, right? It's raw. No dairy.

Does activism work? That's a good question. Me climbing the Golden Gate Bridge was about stopping them from cutting down the redwoods. What I noticed was, you try to get them to stop cutting down this forest, and maybe you succeed, well, they just go cut that forest down.

I'm a little bit optimistic. I like seeing one of our own--I'm speaking as a Hawaiian--get into the White House.

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