Friday, December 19, 2008

quick post: new day

well, there's no need to eat myself sick.

Today so far:

woke up and took a shallow enema. drank six glasses of water and took 4 psyllium caps.

dry brush and affirmations and prayers, giggling in the mirror. foot reflexology and stretching.

went downstairs and had some apple juice with e3live. packed some bananas and trail mix and more AJ for the day. Took some vitamin C (I'm concerned about getting sick with all the bingeing I did on junk food) and the E3 live multivite for women.

BF told me not to worry and I can stop gorging myself. Some of you heard he lost his job basically yesterday tho it will stretch out thru the holidays. But it is going to be very cool if we get to move to Arizona. I will be a lot closer to my kids and my mom. Plus BF's son will be closer to his mom there as well. Thanks for your support.

I'm bringing my food journal, Julia Cameron's books "Write Your Way To Right Size' and "Money Drunk" with me so I can really get in to it, PLUS I'm up early as heck headed over to a group of sober friends supporting each other. I plan to share since I never really have lately shared that much. I'm going for it! :-)

Addendum 9:24pm Follow up on this day: Dec 19, Friday

I took my notebooks and my Cameron books and headed into the sober meeting. Afterward I did have a simple black coffee. then i went to the osteopath and had a cranial treatment. then i went to work and had a small bowl of hemp granola with unsweetened soy milk, half banana and a bit of raw trail mix.

a few hours later i again had apple juice with e3live.

For dinner (after hours of driving 5mph in snow and ice) i grabbed a few "whole grain " crackers until i realized they were not "whole" at all and stopped immediately (not too much damage done there) got a bowl and put steamed lentils, soaked rice (then cooked) broccoli "noodles" and thinly sliced raw zucchini with olive oil and turmeric powder (I have GB issues and boy did all this help.) I took one bite of cherry pie and stopped, asked for help and turned it over. Hung close to my BF and stayed very connected instead of isolating and chewing on something. Yay it worked. I got through the day with no chocolate, very little refined flour, very little sugar (i did have a few chili mangoes from trader joe which has sugar they have got to make those without sugar they woruld be so goodwith agave or something.)

i didnt overeat. i didnt eat while driving. i didn't eat past 6:45pm. (dark is when i ideally want to stop eating). i caught myself thinking negative thoughts and turned them around to positive questions, smiling instead of frowning!

what a good day! *beams*
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