Sunday, December 7, 2008

green smoothie to the rescue

Having several quarts of raw green smoothie prepared has made today a better, much better day so far. I admit, I had some studying to do and had some fancy coffees. But I can already tell I'm back on a better track for tomorrow.

I waited until I was actually hungry each time before I drank up to a pint of green smoothie.

Two recipes today: One was tooo intense but I will still drink it and it will train my cravings back to clean. The other was very rich but yummy.

Approximate recipes

A) Today's Fave Smoothie
5-6 cups water
bag of baby spinach
2 heaping Tblspn hemp powder
10 dates
3 bananas
2 minneolas


B) Incredibly Intense Green
whole bunch of watercress
2 scoops Perfect Food green powder
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