Saturday, December 6, 2008

Danbury News Times Seeks Raw Foods Info

The Healthy Life editor, Jackie Smith, is interested in more about Raw Fu and the 100-day raw foods challenges! I am launching a 100-day green smoothie challenge at Body Essentials in Danbury, Connecticut. I've also contacted Bunny Berry--creator and moderator for the dynamic interactive site--and am putting together info for Jackie about it and about my passion for natural healing.

The bottom line is you commit to adding the green smoothie to what you already do. Without changing anything else about your diet or exercise, (unless you really want to.)

The sunlight is streaming in my window and I need to get ready for work. I have many clients today. They have been enjoying (at least most) the green smoothies I bring to work. I also give them to Gina who is getting a small smoothie most days. We're going for beauty from the inside out. The smoothies clean you out, nourish you at a very high level and help make your skin healthier.

I've been drinking at least a quart of green smoothie a day. This is Day 20 on the "Peas On Earth" holiday mini-challenge (also of Raw Fu). I found out about the energy soups for detox and rejuvenation, first, from Ann Wigmore. Then Victoria Boutenko figured out how to make them sooo tasty!

My nails are growing faster. I crave smoothies instead of chocolate, who knew?

(My Raw Fu page!)
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