Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Banana-Cinnamon Cream Pie Recipe

Banana-Cinnamon Raw Pie
with walnut whipped cream and superfood crust
by rawprincess

Mix by hand until firm and press into tart plate (I used sushi condiment dishes.)

1/2 c. ground raw almond
handful walnuts crumbled by hand
4-5 whole almonds
2 Tblspn agave nectar or to taste
pinch sea salt
drops of vanilla extract
cinnamon to taste
empty two caps of Klamath blue-green algae (optional)


Slice banana and lay like domino in circular pattern. Leave edges of crust showing.

Whip Cream:

In blender until creamy

water to cover blade
1 banana
handful walnuts
4 dates

Scoop walnut whipped cream on top.

Garnish with mint leave. Enjoy!
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