Sunday, December 7, 2008

ack day fruit

yes ack. my teeth have become sensitive and the fruit is aggravating it. i ran out of greens for one day and now i've got about 5 jars of intense green smoothie waiting for me for today.

i need to have gi-normous quantities of everything for some reason. It's sort of annoying.

i've been playing with fire such as accepting some sushi at the office and trying to just go back immediately to raw afterward. with the way i am and my compulsions and stress levels right now (final exam tomorrow) that just doesn't compute. also, my back really hurts but i'm seeing a craniosacral osteopathic doctor tomorrow which is a huge blessing to have found this doc.

anyway, i need to make some veggie pate's or something for a few days since my teeth are awful right now. But I don't have a food processor. My blender is a bit of a dinosaur.

today though I have like i said a large array of jars of green smoothie and maybe that will just be what i need to get on track. i'm a bit stuffed up. i was raw all day yesterday and recovering from the sushi lunch until i got home and dug into some red potatoes with cheese and then some soy ice cream.

i don't feel that horrible but just sort of horrible. :-)
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