Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holiday From Rawprincess

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Monday, December 22, 2008

avo soup

Kale avo jalapeno basil garlic blended w squeeze of lemon. serve over grated zucchini extra chunks avo tom.:a new earth:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

woody harrelson on raw food, activism and barack

hat tip to penni of Real Food Tulsa

From Esquire interview:

The whole concept of the raw-food thing is, any food you heat over 118 degrees, you kill all the enzymes and most of the nutritional value of the food. The enzymes are as much or more important than the various nutritional things that are always getting all the good PR. But to eat only raw food, you've got to love a salad. You've got to just love a salad.

Here you go, try this. Ice cream. Mint chip. Good, right? It's raw. No dairy.

Does activism work? That's a good question. Me climbing the Golden Gate Bridge was about stopping them from cutting down the redwoods. What I noticed was, you try to get them to stop cutting down this forest, and maybe you succeed, well, they just go cut that forest down.

I'm a little bit optimistic. I like seeing one of our own--I'm speaking as a Hawaiian--get into the White House.

check-in (crossposted to 80-10-10 Raw Fu)

weight 135.
I gained 7 pounds. :-)
The only thing I can figure out is I ate a lot as a way of coping with a lulled economy and my BF's layoff.
I am realizing that this particular stress might last a while and that I need to understand that my choice is in how I respond to it. Eating was "fun" for a while. Seven pounds worth.
"Help, God!!" Well, that's a good way to start the day.
But, you know, I now choose to "float" (that's the word instead of "limbo".)
I once was gifted with a bracelet which was designed by a Hopi shaman. He had given these bracelets to my mom's best friend Joy whose husband had helped the nation in AZ with TB treatments apparantly. It was honestly come by yet I won't wear it out of respect for my Native American friend who has requested I not romanticize or rip-off her culture as a white woman.
Anyway, the design on the bracelet was "sea woman" and Joy told a story upon presenting this to me of sea woman. What I can recall without watching the video of it is a woman is out at sea and has a choice whether to fight the current or surrender. The sea will care for her and land her safely to shore. All she has to do is embrace change and relax, go with it.
His layoff feels like being lost at sea in a way, old fears seem to surface irrationally and eating or being anxious are easy to reach for, aren't they, reader?
But, just now I lift the corners of my mouth into a smile. I let myself gasp a little which forms in to a little laugh. What if all is well? What if I'm really okay? What if this really is a step into a better work situation and living situation for all of us?
By golly, I'm going to act "as if" it is! *smiles more broadly, laughs a tiny bit more audibly*
Sooo shouldn't I be exercising and eating and resting properly? Shouldn't I be meditating and giving support to others? Shouldn't I be conscientious with my spending and working wisely?
True. True. Truue. Truuuuuue.

Friday, December 19, 2008

quick post: new day

well, there's no need to eat myself sick.

Today so far:

woke up and took a shallow enema. drank six glasses of water and took 4 psyllium caps.

dry brush and affirmations and prayers, giggling in the mirror. foot reflexology and stretching.

went downstairs and had some apple juice with e3live. packed some bananas and trail mix and more AJ for the day. Took some vitamin C (I'm concerned about getting sick with all the bingeing I did on junk food) and the E3 live multivite for women.

BF told me not to worry and I can stop gorging myself. Some of you heard he lost his job basically yesterday tho it will stretch out thru the holidays. But it is going to be very cool if we get to move to Arizona. I will be a lot closer to my kids and my mom. Plus BF's son will be closer to his mom there as well. Thanks for your support.

I'm bringing my food journal, Julia Cameron's books "Write Your Way To Right Size' and "Money Drunk" with me so I can really get in to it, PLUS I'm up early as heck headed over to a group of sober friends supporting each other. I plan to share since I never really have lately shared that much. I'm going for it! :-)

Addendum 9:24pm Follow up on this day: Dec 19, Friday

I took my notebooks and my Cameron books and headed into the sober meeting. Afterward I did have a simple black coffee. then i went to the osteopath and had a cranial treatment. then i went to work and had a small bowl of hemp granola with unsweetened soy milk, half banana and a bit of raw trail mix.

a few hours later i again had apple juice with e3live.

For dinner (after hours of driving 5mph in snow and ice) i grabbed a few "whole grain " crackers until i realized they were not "whole" at all and stopped immediately (not too much damage done there) got a bowl and put steamed lentils, soaked rice (then cooked) broccoli "noodles" and thinly sliced raw zucchini with olive oil and turmeric powder (I have GB issues and boy did all this help.) I took one bite of cherry pie and stopped, asked for help and turned it over. Hung close to my BF and stayed very connected instead of isolating and chewing on something. Yay it worked. I got through the day with no chocolate, very little refined flour, very little sugar (i did have a few chili mangoes from trader joe which has sugar they have got to make those without sugar they woruld be so goodwith agave or something.)

i didnt overeat. i didnt eat while driving. i didn't eat past 6:45pm. (dark is when i ideally want to stop eating). i caught myself thinking negative thoughts and turned them around to positive questions, smiling instead of frowning!

what a good day! *beams*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Middle of a Binge Run

Not a very glamorous title, I realize. And not good advertising. If that's what I was trying to do.

Good thing I really only began this rawprincess stuff for support for myself. And this is exactly why.

The binge. :-) (drum rolls)

Well, I don't have anything to sell. I don't have anything to gain by blogging about raw foods.

Except a believing circle of mirrors. Folks like you who believe I can be in recovery from food addiction, recovery from money drunk. People who, maybe a lot like me, want to end isolation and really say, "Yes! This is how things are for me right now."


I can't believe I'm writing this.

I could say it like this--I ate some junk food and now my tummy is very full. It feels very uncomfortable. LOL.

Oh god. I guess you had to be there.

Well, I could list all the current stressors and analyze when it began, where I first lost control and the run began. I could *takes deep breath* try and compare it to worse times in my life and say how at least I don't eat as much as I used to etc etc.

But the truth is I'm not in a good place.



So what!


A lot of people aren't in a good place right now. What makes me think I matter or that a blog needs to happen due to account of me binge-ing.

Well, I pulled out the "Money Drunk" book. And I just realize reading it (and munching on unmentionables) I want to be on my true north path. But in the past, every time I focused and sought out "what is my true north path" I invariably ended up so heavily in ego that I went way far backwards rather than towards my true north.

So it (the raw foods and detox lifestyle) needs to be ego-free simple self-care in the midst of service and love for my family, self, planet, community. NOT "Gee, I can be so hot if I just eat raw foods." Ya know?

Prayer: "Dear God I am willing to relinquish my life of limitation and despair. I invite your spirit to renew my life. I claim my natural power to heal and to be healed. I am innocent beautiful and strong. I am cosmic and royal ... " --From A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Banana-Cinnamon Cream Pie Recipe

Banana-Cinnamon Raw Pie
with walnut whipped cream and superfood crust
by rawprincess

Mix by hand until firm and press into tart plate (I used sushi condiment dishes.)

1/2 c. ground raw almond
handful walnuts crumbled by hand
4-5 whole almonds
2 Tblspn agave nectar or to taste
pinch sea salt
drops of vanilla extract
cinnamon to taste
empty two caps of Klamath blue-green algae (optional)


Slice banana and lay like domino in circular pattern. Leave edges of crust showing.

Whip Cream:

In blender until creamy

water to cover blade
1 banana
handful walnuts
4 dates

Scoop walnut whipped cream on top.

Garnish with mint leave. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

green smoothie to the rescue

Having several quarts of raw green smoothie prepared has made today a better, much better day so far. I admit, I had some studying to do and had some fancy coffees. But I can already tell I'm back on a better track for tomorrow.

I waited until I was actually hungry each time before I drank up to a pint of green smoothie.

Two recipes today: One was tooo intense but I will still drink it and it will train my cravings back to clean. The other was very rich but yummy.

Approximate recipes

A) Today's Fave Smoothie
5-6 cups water
bag of baby spinach
2 heaping Tblspn hemp powder
10 dates
3 bananas
2 minneolas


B) Incredibly Intense Green
whole bunch of watercress
2 scoops Perfect Food green powder

ack day fruit

yes ack. my teeth have become sensitive and the fruit is aggravating it. i ran out of greens for one day and now i've got about 5 jars of intense green smoothie waiting for me for today.

i need to have gi-normous quantities of everything for some reason. It's sort of annoying.

i've been playing with fire such as accepting some sushi at the office and trying to just go back immediately to raw afterward. with the way i am and my compulsions and stress levels right now (final exam tomorrow) that just doesn't compute. also, my back really hurts but i'm seeing a craniosacral osteopathic doctor tomorrow which is a huge blessing to have found this doc.

anyway, i need to make some veggie pate's or something for a few days since my teeth are awful right now. But I don't have a food processor. My blender is a bit of a dinosaur.

today though I have like i said a large array of jars of green smoothie and maybe that will just be what i need to get on track. i'm a bit stuffed up. i was raw all day yesterday and recovering from the sushi lunch until i got home and dug into some red potatoes with cheese and then some soy ice cream.

i don't feel that horrible but just sort of horrible. :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Danbury News Times Seeks Raw Foods Info

The Healthy Life editor, Jackie Smith, is interested in more about Raw Fu and the 100-day raw foods challenges! I am launching a 100-day green smoothie challenge at Body Essentials in Danbury, Connecticut. I've also contacted Bunny Berry--creator and moderator for the dynamic interactive site--and am putting together info for Jackie about it and about my passion for natural healing.

The bottom line is you commit to adding the green smoothie to what you already do. Without changing anything else about your diet or exercise, (unless you really want to.)

The sunlight is streaming in my window and I need to get ready for work. I have many clients today. They have been enjoying (at least most) the green smoothies I bring to work. I also give them to Gina who is getting a small smoothie most days. We're going for beauty from the inside out. The smoothies clean you out, nourish you at a very high level and help make your skin healthier.

I've been drinking at least a quart of green smoothie a day. This is Day 20 on the "Peas On Earth" holiday mini-challenge (also of Raw Fu). I found out about the energy soups for detox and rejuvenation, first, from Ann Wigmore. Then Victoria Boutenko figured out how to make them sooo tasty!

My nails are growing faster. I crave smoothies instead of chocolate, who knew?

(My Raw Fu page!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So much has been happening!

I got back onto raw pretty much as of today as day three.

Except for a big peppermint coffee this a.m. I've had all raw, right?

It's day 17 or 18 of the holiday challenge over at Raw Fu--a wonderful place to find support and like-minded people who have helpful info and links to more info.

Newish moon, increasing with quite the open chalice shape tonite. The two visible planets aligning with it creating amagnetic pull must have been Venus and Jupiter, no?

I can't believe how much happier I feel after having the green smoothies absolutely loaded with fresh kale. I drank at almost a wholel bunch of kale each each day. People are commenting ...

After going off the raw foods for Thanksgiving and all the triggers it caused and such, I have decided that I will have a raw Christmas. It just is so worth it to stay on!

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